Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Treatment number 3

Yesterday was my third cytoxan treatment.

I woke up a little late, but that's okay. i still had plenty of time to do my hair and put some make-up on and such. the appointment was at 10.30, the iv was started at 11.15. It was started so late cause i didn't have a chair when i got there, well not a chair that they wanted me to sit in long term, so i had to wait for someone to finish and then got to move.

The iv went well. They upped the chemo again. My white blood cells aren't dropping like they want it to. My count is still in the normal range, low side of normal, but normal.

i slept crappy the night before, so i ended up taking a long nap while there. I was basically the only one there during that time so they shut the lights off for me. Was kinda nice.

Because i seemed to tolerate the cytoxan while i'm there they can flush it thru faster. so I was out of there by 4.15. Was nice to be out so fast this month. It gets kinda boring there, even if you have all sorts of things to keep you entertained.

Got home and had a nice evening with the parents... until about 7.00 when i started feeling sick... I took my pills and went to bed early, 8.00, ended up being sick all night. It was a bad night. I'm still not feeling great today, but have a doctors appointment in an hour.

My left wrist has been bothering me. it's just a little arthritis pain that i've never had before that doesn't seem to go away with the drugs i have... so today we are doing a cortizone (sp) in my wrist. will probably hurt... but if it works in the long run I'm fine wth it.

um... i think that's all for now. not really anything else going on in my life right now. Hope all is well with you guys!


  1. I love you Sarah. You are such a strong person!

  2. hope you are feeling better today! sure love you!

  3. Sarah You're so stinkin' cute! I love how positive you are. You are an inspiration! I hope you start feeling better soon!