Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mug-O-Comfort Swap...

I'm a total airhead. I just don't know where my mind has been. 
In other places obviously... 

Because I totally forgot about to post about the last swap I did!


 I got my swap from Karen at Creative Expressions. This was a great swap for me. I LOVE tea, and we have a HUGE mug collection in this house. I'll admit that I have more than 1 mug that I love to use.

 Until I got this! 

 It is the CUTEST thing in the world! and SO me!

Now I'll show you the rest of the package.

Look at this loot. A box of blueberry tea, 2 tins of different loose teas from a local shop, some flavored honey sticks from a local place, a totally cute little "tea" pot candle holder with a candle, and a GREAT loose tea scoop. (Mine has died and gone to the great garbage in the sky, so I've been using my french press.. which is annoying sometimes)

I had so much fun getting to know Karen with this swap. I think we'll be good email/blogging friends.

There's a new swap going on over at Chaotic Goddess!
I LOVE this group! And the two ladies that run it are WONDERFUL!
Go on over and take a look!

Sarah =0)