Sunday, March 16, 2008

Treadmills and muddy paws...

First week after treatment...

I feel good. Had a bad morning yesterday, didn't want to get out of bed, so nice and warm. But waking up to snow isn't a good thing when your so looking forward to spring. It has been a long winter. maybe because we've had so much snow this year.

I did 3 days on the treadmill this past week. I am so proud of myself. i've taken the last two days off, but plan on going back on tomorrow. This is the first time i've actually felt like doing something. I've had so much energy. I recommend a mutli-vitamin to everyone. I swear it's one of the reason's i'm feeling so good.

Mom and dad bought a new couch for the family room. Very similar to the one posted, however it is black. It's being delivered tomorrow. So exciting getting new furniture. I'm hoping to go bed shopping this next month. I'm not sure if i can quite afford it yet, but i'm wanting a new bed. I've never had a bed frame of my own as a grown-up. I know which one i want at Ikea, just have to decide if i have the monies or not.

Because of the rain we have been receiving, lills has been coming in with muddy paws, and then climbing back into my bed with me. Yeah... did it again this morning. I have to change my sheets yet again because of her... *sigh* spoilt dog.

I hope all is going well with all of yous! I love your comments and am very thankful for the support of my friends and family out there!

Love you all!!!

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