Thursday, March 6, 2008

hello from chemo land...

It has been months since i've updated, and i'm coming up on my third treatment of Cytoxan.


If you can believe it, i feel like it may actually be working. I am able to take deep breaths, and it doesn't hurt anymore. I do feel that my white blood count hasn't gone down much so I think the dosage is going to go up again. But I can handle it. I think that this is actually going to be a good thing.

I've become addicted to tea. I am so in love with these teas that my friend Joe sent me from England. They are sooo good. Dad says that it's just potpourri... well it does look and smell like some yummy potpourri, but it's tea, i promise. Even dad's come to like it. *grins*

Hm... tonight is the matchbox twenty concert. I'm a little apprehensive about it all. I haven't done anything this big since i started getting sick again. I'm just hoping that everything stays okay. I'm feeling good today, and seem to have no problems.

love to all!

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