Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chaotic Goddess Swaps - Mug-O-Comfort

I've joined another swap.... I sure do like doing swaps...

This one's going to be HOT!
get it... mug.. hot...
oh well, never mind.

What goes on with this one? Well you fill a package with goodies for my partner that I would love to receive. The package must include a mug, and stuff that goes along with it (tea, coffee, cocoa, cider, ect) and anything else I want to include. A goodies box to enjoy on cold days while they're sipping a warm drink for their mug!

Fun, fun, fun!

Sarah =0)


  1. Heeheee...indeed it will be hot! We're so glad you're joining us for this one. :D

  2. i'm so excited about this swap

  3. Sooo excited you're joining! It's going to be so much fun!