Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals in the New Year...

I don't do resolutions anymore. Resolutions are just good for breaking. I am always gun-ho going in the first few weeks, and then everything just goes to poop.

I've decided that I'm going to go back to what I've done in the past. 
I'm going to set monthly goals and see what I can get accomplished from month to month. 
There are going to be some things that I want to do for the entire year, but I just want to work month to month to see if I can even continue thru the year.

January Goals

1- Continue with Project 365. Take a picture a day for the entire year. Just take my time and get to the end of January!

2- Write in my Q&A a day journal. It's easy to do. Just answer the question, and get thru January!

3- Participate in Three 31's Put Pen to Paper blog day. Looks like something fun.

4- REHAB - get back to rehab. I've been really lax on this, and I HAVE to do this. 

5- Blog at least once a week on this blog, and over on Arizona Sunshine Girls

6- Make at least 3 posts on AzSG's Facebook every day!

I think that these look like good goals for the month. As you can see a few of them are one's i want to keep going thru the year. Actually almost all of them are. But putting them as a monthly goal will be good for me I think.

I hope that you all have some good goals for the new year, and that you can feel accomplishment in what you're doing.

after writing up this lovely post I went to read the blogs I read every day, and lo and behold I found that there is a monthly goal linky.... woohoo!



  1. I am totally motivated by reading this. I think I may have to steel your idea and do monthly goals. Maybe I can get things accomplished and not break them if it's a monthly goal. Seems a little easier to keep!!!! I have a lot of things I want to do, all of them pretty much point back to being a better "ME" finding myself again and "living"!!!

    I'm so excited!!

    Thanks Sarah for this post!

  2. Sounds like a great list of goals. I started a 365 journal and photo challenge too.... I hope it doesn't get lost in the busy thing called life. Best of luck to you this month!

    1. Thank you! and good luck on the photo challenge. I usually take at least one picture a day on my phone, so I'm hoping that it works out.

  3. You can totally do it! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Sounds like some good goals. Good luck with you photo challenges! Those look like fun!