Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So if you noticed the other day with the picture of the girls, that I have a little bit of a nail polish obsession...

Well it just got worse today. I went to ULTA to take a look at the James Bond Skyfall OPI colors.

silly me I ended up getting some, and others.

With the purchase of 3 OPI colors you got a OPI base coat, or top coat free. So... I got 2 of the Skyfall Colors - Moonraker and Casion Royale. I got one from the Hong Kong collection - Suzi Says Feng Shui. and then I got one from the Muppets Collection - Fresh Frog of Bel Air. 

When I got those I chose a base coat, thinking that I had 2 bottles of the top coat at home already. Once I got home I noticed that I had 2 base coats and only 1 top coat. So... I should have gotten a top coat.

The other 5 I got were ULTA polishes. They were part of their $5 for $5. The regular price on them are $6.00 each. SOOOO... I got 4 of those for free basically, at least that's how I justify buying 9 bottles of nail polish. I got a new blue sparkly that is different from the blue sparkly OPI that I have. A bright red, a nude, a dark red, and a pink tinted nude. I don't usually go for reds, or nudes. But you always have to have them in stock when you have to do something simple to your nails.

It was great! sooo excited for the new colors to try out! Shouldn't have spent that much, but I have a little in savings that covered it. And how often do I actually spend money on myself that isn't something I need. Not very often. So yes. I'm excited for my new colors!!!

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