Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Puppies...

Some little things about my girls

My puppies like to play with bigger puppies. Well, Violet likes to play with her cousin Chloe. Lils on the other hand try's to ignore her as much as possible. She's really the only one Violet will play with. She's basically afraid of every other dog.

Lils likes to sleep on my pillows  when I'm not in bed yet. I put her to bed, sometimes a hour or so before I actually go, and always find her resting on top of my pile of pillows.

Violet likes to eat my feet. It's not a mean thing I guess. It's one of the ways she likes to get you to play with her. I guess when Erin left us she had to move onto someone else to bite. So she chose me. It's funny sometimes.

They like to sleep together. Or I should say, Violet likes to sleep with her sister. Preferably on top of her, but Lils won't go for that.

They like watching out the back door for stuff. Right now it is pigeons getting water from the waterfall.  They hate those birds!

Violet think's she's a princess, and won't lay on the floor unless there is a pillow there. Even on the couch she prefers to lay on one of the pillows.

Lils make a GREAT pillow. And a nice little heater. She's the best nap partner ever!

They both hate baths. Lil's will just sit and stare at you and then ignore you for a while afterwards. Violet is afraid of water. She has been as long as we have had her. 

Violet always wants to play when dad lays down and wants to take his weekend nap. ALWAYS! She brings him a kong and sits there and whines. It's quite annoying, and I have to figure out ways for her to leave him alone.

So, there you go. Those are my babies. Totally crazy... but they are mine. And I love them very much.

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  1. they sound very neurotic.. I think they are. Are they?