Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doctor Who

This past Memorial weekend we spent a majority of the time having a Doctor Who Marathon. We started with Season 3 episode 10, Blink.

I've been trying to get past this episode for a while now. It scares me. Especially at night... and then for days afterwards I dream of statues coming to life. The show can kinda be freaky that way.

I'm such a fan of Doctor Who. I remember watching episodes of it when I was young and it played on PBS. When I was young Tom Baker (the fourth doctor) was my favorite.. I always loved his long scarf...  but since the re-boot in 2005 David Tennent (ten) has become my doctor. I just want to love him and squish him and hold him and make him all better, especially towards the end. I especially love the companions of the Tenth Doctor... How he falls in love with Rose... How Martha falls in love with him, and how funny and great he was with Doctor Donna... I do love Donna. She has to be one of my all time favorite Characters.

Now Matt Smith is the eleventh doctor after 4 years of Ten. I like Matt Smith, but Ten will always be MY DOCTOR.

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