Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lego Harry Potter

I'm addicted... I've been playing Lego Harry Potter on my iPad for 2 days straight.

I'm loving it... My right wrist and shoulder are killing me... but I'm having so much fun.

Wednesday is the first of the new month. I'll be working on NaBloPoMo again this next month. I am going to try and do the theme for the month, which is FAN. But of course it's not something I have to stick with. Being such a fangirl of many things I think it might be an easy theme.


  1. isn't that one of your email address or something..


    <3 u

  2. I love the legos games! Matthew is addicted to Legos Star Wars right now. I am hoping to convince Thomas that we NEED Legos Pirates of the Caribbean soon!