Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picket Fences

Now that we are done with LOST we have started getting a new series from Netflix.

Picket Fences

This show's first season started in 1992, and ran for 4 seasons.

The town of Rome is a short distance from Green Bay, Wisconsin - close enough to hear the games on Sunday afternoons, but not close enough to keep normalcy from infiltrating the town. A lot of the usual happens in Rome, but in unusual ways. Home invasions are nothing new, but in Rome, the perpetrator leaves behind dirty bathwater, women's underwear and a rubber duck. Potatoes and household appliances become instruments of violence and death, the mayor is a bank robber sentenced to serve her term in office, the coroner likes his work a little too much and cows incubate human embryos. In the middle of all this weirdness is Sheriff Jimmy Brock ('Tom Skerritt'), wife Jill ('Kathy Baker') their children and a frequently bewildered and endearingly eccentric supporting cast that somehow manages to cope with the bizarre series of events that is day-to-day life in Rome

Cute show. Funny and quirky. Season 1 is the only one on DVD so far. Will be looking forward to more once it comes out...

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