Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews. Our little baby KJ (Kenner Jackson) is in Heaven, but the other 3 live here in Airzona.

Last night was Alene's Birthday party with the family. This family includes all her mother's (my sister-in-law) brothers and sisters, whom all live here in the Phoenix area. Over the years We've been lucky to be included in many things that go on in the lives of the Marble's and Marble's, Wheeler's, Penberthy's, and Tieman's. These lives include all the kids who I've know all since they were born. Five other kids that I like to include in with my 3.

I have so much fun with the other 5. All of them make me so happy and I love that when I leave and give kisses to my kids the others need kisses and hugs also.

To their parents. I love your kids.

{in picture from left to right, top row: Gracie, Aidan, Ashley - bottom row: Jane, Gavin, Tanner, Ian, Alene.}


  1. You are so sweet Sarah! And all the kids just love you!!

  2. i just love it when gracie throws herself around my legs in a hug!! so cute!