Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ramblings of the Obsessive...


I become obsessive about quite a few thing.

I obsess about people, movies, music, celebrities, television, biggest loser, my dog, my nieces and nephew, apple, my family, my heath, gale harold, what i eat, what i don't eat, food tv, my friends, twitter, blogging, facebook, myspace, youtube, email, books, harry potter, QaF, downloading, my medications, fanfiction, ryan seacrest, sudoku, undershirts, the external hardrive, harvey, my ipod, livejournal, iPod, cycling, reality television, guys, artemis fowl, girls, kevin spacey, american idol, simon cowell, fanvids.

I get something into my head, and it doesn't leave. I just get myself in deeper and deeper and deeper.

I was just thinking about it tonight when I was watching American Idol, yes again, and I noticed how much I loved Ryan in suits with vests. He looks very nice. *shrugs* yeah. I guess I am bad.

But then you have to just laugh at yourself sometimes.

and i have nothing else to do right now. Why not obsess?


  1. hmmm..kevin spacey?... ;)

  2. There is so nothing wrong with the kevin!