Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol

My AI Ramblings for the day...

So... am I the only one who has noticed that so far out of the Top 12 (9 people so far) Only 3 are of the female persuasion.

It got mom and I thinking about previous years. It has gone from a show where it was mainly young single people were trying out. To every other person singing is in the 25-28 age group and is married, and/or has at least 1 child.

I'm not knocking on the show at all. It just goes to show what type of talent we have out there. And I noticed that there are a lot of guys who seem to be doing well this year.

I'm pretty happy with who they have so far. Danny Gokey is my favorite so far. and I like Alexis and Lil Rounds. Oh, and Michael is pretty cute.

I'm very excited for the Wild Card show tomorrow to see who will finish up the Top 12. I'm only excited about one of the women they have chosen, and that is Mehan Joy. but out of the guys. There's Von, and Matt, Ricky, and Anoop... And, and, and, the Drama is back. *sigh* yes. Tatiana. I'm not so happy about Jasmine or the other girl that i can't seem to remember her name. The red head I just can't seem to like. Oh well.

So yeah. Excited here about tomorrow's Wild Card show. and can't wait until the real game begins next week

Oh, and by the way. i LOVE simon. He's just adoarable. and Ryan is dressing more casual this year and I'm totally liking it! but then I totaly love Ryan in anything. *grins*


  1. Did you happen to catch the last 5 minutes of last night's show that DIDN'T air?? I saw it this morning I guess there is 13...interesting.

  2. Oh Donna... It did air. At least here on my tv it did. It didn't record on the DVR. But then it did cause I dvr Hell's Kitchen. so the first 5 mins of that was the last 5 min of AI.

    BUT... that just meant I didn't get the ending to Hells Kitchen