Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Can See!!!

I went to the eye doctor 2 weeks ago. I have been having problems actually seeing anything with my current glasses. Also with the new arthritis medication that i'm on I have to get my eyes checked every 6 months. I will only have to have the actual eye exam once a year, but my eyes need to be dilate every 6 months and the pressures need to be checked.

ANYWAY... the reason for this blog.

Instead of paying $199.00 for glasses (the sale Target Optical was having was frames and lenses out the door) I went to Zenni Optical online and paid $21.85 (shipping included). I'm not kidding you. My frames were $8.00, an AR coat was $4.95, a sunglass clip $3.95, and shipping was $4.95. I've already put in an order for another pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses.

Mom heard about the site from one of her talk radio shows. The guy gave 2 thumbs up for bifocals. All the reviews I had read about them were great.

I'm happy about them. I could see from the Wal-Mart customer service all the way to the sign about Butter on the back wall. I was really excited about that one. From barely being able to see what was in front of my face and getting headaches to seeing the back of the store. Yeah. I was happy about that one.

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  1. What a good deal!! Glad to hear you got some cute glasses for cheap.. maybe I need to check into that!