Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Season Starts...

What season you ask? Cycling season.

Today was the first race for the Tour Down Under. Okay... so the race/season doesn't really just start until Tuesday's race... But the prologue (at least i think it was the prologue) was today.

Dad and I watch Cycling together. We watch just about every race there is starting with the Spring Classics and right on thru to the Tour of Italy, France, and then Spain. Yes there are even a few more races after Spain... but I can never remember what they are.

A few years ago Dad decided that he wanted to start riding. When he started he said that he wouldn't be compete. It was just going to be for fun. That was a laugh. LOL. My dad doesn't do something like this just for fun. Well it may start that way. But eventually he'll start competing.

He doesn't do much road riding these days. He's really enjoying his Mountain bike. With the entrance to the White Tank Mountains just a few miles down the road it makes it easy for him to just go out on his bike after work.

So today started our yearly bonding talking about the different teams, who moves over to what team, all the new teams that are racing. The talking about thing that mom usually ignores and says yes dear. LOL

This is the first year that The Tour Down Under is on TV. It's all thanks to Lance Armstrong. He may not be my favorite cyclist, but he has done a lot for cycling in America. and that makes is good for us cause the more races he is in, the more we get to watch on TV.


Oh... one more thing. I'm not a big fan of football. I'm a baseball girl, but GO CARDS!

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  1. cycling?? the voice in your head says..
    did we watch that today? i thought we watched football.
    i know we watched cardinals/eagles and steelers/ravens.. did they ride bikes or throw footballs??
    or were there vampires in love with humans?
    i am confused..maybe its the headache