Friday, January 16, 2009

Lost Toy Found

The lost toy that Lils had decided she was missing the other day has been found.

Yes, it's a rat. One of her favorite toys is a rat that I purchased from Ikea. Dad calls her "rat dog" so i thought it was a cute toy for her. Never knew it would become one of her favorites.

The rat was the only toy that got moved with us. That is, not packed into a box. So for the longest time, at least in dog time, it was the only thing she had to play with. And play she did. When we drove down here it got put into a container and then stuff piled on top of it, and left in the garage for the last 2 months...

Why she decided all of a sudden that it was missing and she wanted it we don't know. I pulled out the box of her toys that is hidden in the closet, and dumped it onto the middle of the floor. She got excited and searched thru the pile of toys and you could tell that she wasn't finding what she wanted. She ended up taking a small bear out of the pile and the rest went back into the box and put back into the closet.

Mom then asked about the rat. I went into the garage, found it, and brought it in the house. Lils got soooo excited when she saw it. Too bad it was so close to bed time, or she probably would have played with it all night.

Yeah... she's kinda cute.

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