Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kids and Dogs...

So the kids and their parents came over today. 

Sis was sitting on my lap, the boy was next to me and kinsey was basically on top of him . We were all watching  sis play on spiro on her gameboy. Well...a you can see lils didn't like that all too much. 

You see. my little girl there is pretty spoiled. She's a total brat. She also gets VERY jealous of anyone who pays attention to anyone but her. Especially if I'm any part of that someone not paying attention to her. As you can see. She wanted some attention, and she wanted it from me. And then from the kids... from anyone that would give it to her.

We finally got her settled and in a spot where we were all comfortable and could have some time watching and helping with the game together. 

That is until Sis wanted to kick my butt playing Uno... Yeah... that is always a mistake. Why is it that a 6 year old can beat me at Uno?

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