Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser Rant

I think that Wednesday's blogs just might become my ranting spot for this show. 

I was really upset about the outcome of last nights show. It's really frustrating when you KNOW that it should go one way, and it goes another.

From the very beginning of this series I have been in LOVE with Jillan, so I naturally always went for her team, be it the former red team, or the black team. Whoever she trained was who i was rooting for. 

Don't get me wrong. Bob is great! He's wonderful. I LOVE watching Bob, I especially loved Zen Bob yelling at Joelle last week. But out of the two, and if i were on that ranch, I would want Jillian to be my trainer. I want her to kick my booty and make me cry. 

Last night I just wanted to kick her team to the curb. It was really frustrating. They were all nice and said we'll do what you want us to do, cause you  helped us out last week, but no...  It makes it really wrong is I don't like that woman. She needs to just go home. 

But again... that's only my opinion. And my opinion doesn't count for much these days... but i do like giving it when i get a chance.

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  1. I agree! I can't stand Joelle!! She's such a brat! But at least Damien got to go home with his fiance.