Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moving, Ian's Baptism, Car Accidents, and starting the move.


What a really long, boring, uneventful, busy, annoying last few months.

Dad moved to Arizona to work, while mom and I stayed in Utah with the house. Mom visited the first part of September. Then dad came up for the weekend after his birthday. At that time a plan was made. Mom and Dad basically couldn't live apart and i just wanted to be warm and settled and not in limbo anymore. At that point it was decided that we would move the first part of November no matter what and that mom would spend most of October in Arizona.

I spent 2 weeks alone in the house, then came down to Arizona for Ian's baptism, which went really well. The poor boy had to be dunked twice. Ian is the oldest among his cousins and the first to be baptized. So the little kids were so excited about it. It was so cute to see Aiden (Jenny's nephew) so enthusiastic about his cousin getting baptized. Afterwards we went to a park right near their house for some food, hotdogs and chips, and some fun conversation while the kids played, and a football was tossed around.

I rode down to Arizona with my sister Emalee and her husband Kyle. We drove down to Vegas on a Wednesday, and spent the night with Aunt Barbara's and Uncle Ira's. We then drove to Buckeye on Thursday. We were all going to stay and Jenny and Jeremy's house. That was going to be the first. The whole family basically living together for a week. We had a good time. Good food, and lots of laughs at mostly my expense. We left on Thursday the 30th. Well of course i have to ride home with them cause i rode down with them. About um... i don't know how many hours, 8 hours, into the trip we were in a minor automobile accident. Just south of the Parawan exit Kyle started to fall asleep and sideswiped another car. We were/are all fine and it was just mainly cosmetic damage to both vehicles, but it delayed us about an hour and a half. I ended up spending all of Friday, Halloween, in bed cause of general tiredness after being in a car for 14 hours.

Mom and Dad flew in on Saturday the 1st. We spend a few days doing nothing/getting final things around the house done and such. On Wednesday the 5th at 7 am the moving men came to pack up our house. By the time I got out of bed, at around 9.30, Frank and Tony, the two men moving us, had half the house basically packed. It was amazing to watch these guys.

By the end of Wednesday, and we're talking like 2.30 pm, every room in the house was packed. The only thing they had left was the garage. I couldn't believe it. It was amazing to watch also. and that's all we could do was sit around and watch them.

Thursday morning they had the garage packed and started packing the truck. By the end of the day, again 2.30, they had the garage, basement, and most of the upstairs into the truck.

Friday morning they packed up our beds and the rest of the stuff into the truck. They were there at the house at 7.30 and were gone by 10.30. They wanted to be out of Utah by the end of their day.

We still had that full day to clean up the house, say goodbye to the grandparents, eat breakfast, give uncle chuck a key to the house, take the cable modem back to layton, and we couldn't check into the Marriott Hotel in Ogden until 3.00.

We actually got all that done by 2.00 and were checked into the hotel and napping by 3.00. Mom and Dad went to dinner with friends Friday night. I stayed in the hotel room with Lils and watched television and played on my computer like always. It was nice tho. Some quiet time to myself, with a dog who was going mad.

Okay... this is getting long and I still have DAYS to cover... so I'm splitting this in at least 2, if not 3 posts. so yeah.

Stay tuned for our trip to Vegas. Our night in a Vegas Hotel, Our trip to Arizona, and Moving into our new house.

To Be Continued tomorrow...

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  1. Sounds like a busy busy couple months! Good luck with things.. hope it settles down once you get down there!