Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 months of nothing, doctors updates, the poor dog, and Las Vegas.

Part 2 of the moving adventure...

Okay, so some of you may be wondering what I did in those 2 months before we actually moved. Well nothing. I did absolutely NOTHING. I sat around playing on the computer, slept, watched a little television, not much cause it was in the basement and I didn't want to be down there alone, but yeah. I did absolutely nothing.

I did have a few final doctors appointments. I had an echo, and some PFT's, and my final appointments with Dr. Ivester and Dr. Dames.

The echo came back and my levels are lower. And my PFT's came back and my numbers are higher... So, what does this mean? The meds are working. This new treatment they have me on is actually working. It may cost an arm and a leg (still in the doughnut hole and i now know why old people eat dog food) but it is working. Did i mention that my skin is also softer. Oh, and I have wrinkles on my hands. I haven't had wrinkles on my hands in YEARS... seriously. This is great news!.

It was sad to say goodbye to my doctors. But they got me started on the right path. I have an appointment here in Arizona with a new doctor on the 25th of this month, so we shall see if we like him and he keeps me on the right path. He better since it seems to be working.

In other health news not so great. My little trip down the stairs seems to have messed up my right hip. I have developed Bursitis. Which isn't so bad, but it hurts if i sit wrong, or sit too long, or basically do anything but lay down. well even that hurts sometimes. And the last shot they did in my wrist didn't work. So the arthritis in my left wrist has really been bothering me. But we shall see what the new doctor does about these since Dr. Dames didn't really get a chance to do anything about it.

Lillee seems to not had a good time of things lately. She's really not liked dad not being around the last few months. Then once mom left she became a really protective little thing. I felt so bad for her I didn't leave the house unless she could come with me. Good thing it wasn't summer anymore so she could just hang out in the car for a short time. Then I went and left her with the grandparents for a week while I was in Arizona. I bet she thought that I abandoned her. But she was okay once I got home. Then when Mom and Dad got home she was way excited. Then she wouldn't let anyone leave the house... Once the men came to pack up the house she was a wreck. She didn't have a clue what was going on, and was so afraid that she was going to be left alone in an empty house. The first night after the truck left we stayed in the Ogden Marriott. I don't think the poor thing slept all night. I don't think it helped that the hallway we were sleeping in had a bunch of girls from the NAU soccer team staying there.

The drive to Vegas was nice, if not a little long. Once we got to Cedar we decided to go the long way, out into the middle of nowhere. It was a nice drive, if not longer. We didn't have a specific time we had to be to Las Vegas. The only plans we had were to go out to dinner with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ira. We were also going to stay in a hotel. This was going to be my first time ever in a Las Vegas hotel. I've been going to vegas since I was little. I've always had family there to visit as long as I can remember and we've always stayed in their homes. But this time, we got a hotel room. WOOHOOO...

We went to Aunt Barbara's and Uncle Ira's and visited for a little while. We decided to drive out to West Las Vegas to visit with Laci, Logan and Madison. We had a good time visiting with them. They have a cute little condo out there and Logan is a hoot such a cute 4 year old and Madison is just adorable. She's so tiny and yet she's walking all around. She reminds me of a little cherub, just adorable.

After our visits we went out to dinner with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ira. We went to Firefly, a tapas bar in downtown Vegas. In fact it was across the street from our hotel. So that worked out great. We didn't have to go far afterwards. The food was to die for. we had bunches of different little appetizers. I think my favorite was the shrimp ceviche. soooo good. Oh, but the desserts. We got 4 different kind, but i kinda stuck to this chocolate cherry bread pudding. It was sooooo good, and for those of you who know me know that i'm not a fan of chocolate except for when i'm craving it. But, it wasn't chocolatey tho. It was basically a bread pudding with chocolate ribbons and cherries.

We had a great time but it was finally time to go to the hotel and check in. We had got up early and had a long drive and all of us just wanted to go to bed. By the time we checked into the hotel, showered, played on the computer, waited around to take my pills, and shut the lights off it was 8.30 pm... I WENT TO BED AT 8.30 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT IN VEGAS. And I was only 2 blocks away from the strip. Yeah. party it up. LOL

Hm... we are getting very long again. I'll continue this tomorrow with the rest of the trip, and what has happened here in Arizona the past few days.

To Be Continued...

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  1. Poor Lily. My kids are like that. They don't even like me leaving to take out the trash. They follow me to the bathroom. So I get the whole Lily thing. Heather talks about her all the time. I am glad you are doing better! Good luck! I hope things work out and you continue to get better! Love you babe!