Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Harvey, 4th treatment, dogs, and houses.

Harvey is home! WOOHOOO!!! for those who don't know what i'm talking about, i'm talking about my computer. Yes, my laptop has a name. a good friend called me a geek. i guess i am. *grins* I took it in last Thursday cause the casing was cracking. and after not even 6 months it was sick. So yeah.. it was still under warranty. so yeah. Harvey is home and fixed.

My 4th treatment was yesterday. Everything went well. My white blood count is where they want it to be i guess cause they didn't increase the dosage. Because Harvey was at the doctor in Salt Lake i had to go to thru treatment yesterday without it. Boy that was hard. But i had my iPod with 3 different television shows i hadn't seen yet on it, and books to read. I also took a great nap.

Dr. Dames wasn't there, so i got to see one of her colleagues, Dr. Solich. She was nice and seemed really interested in my treatment. I've been running a low grade fever for a few months now, but haven't been sick. So, we are going to run some extra blood tests when i do my cbc's on Tuesday. Also going to do some tests on my poop to see if there is any blood in it. kinda yuck, but yeah. you do what you got to do.

Photobucket I think she really is going mad. I can't even leave the house to go with dad to home depot for half an hour. Yesterday she wouldn't even eat. She thought starving herself was a good thing? yeah... my puppy is just insane. poor girl.

The kids were over again this weekend, along with tonight. I love seeing them. I love being with them. They make me so happy. I'm going to be sad when they leave us in a few weeks. but it's time for them to go home where there daddy is. The house is almost done. I can't wait to see it. The pictures are the coolest!

Mom and dad are leaving me this weekend. They are going to Las Vegas for the weekend to visit with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ira. This is the first time i've been left alone since they took the grandparents to Seattle last June. We shall see how this weekend goes.

Hm... i think that's all for now. Hope all is well with you all in happy land!


  1. You better let me know if you need me this weekend MISS!!!

  2. Oooops, I guess I have an account under my ladiesroom gmail. Hmmm... I was logged into my email and it posted with that name. Strange. =) Anywho, LOVE YOU!

  3. love you too sarah!! i wish i could come up to Utah and visit everyone....poo on work

  4. It makes me happy when you post on your blog...I'm always worried about how you're doin. I love you and I wish I could come to Utah too!