Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doctors Appointment...

Had a doctors appointment yesterday with my pulmonologist. I also had some breathing tests done. My appointment for the breathing tests were at 12.00 and my appointment with Dr. Ivester at 1.00.

A new guy did my breathing tests. I like my regular Kurt, but this new guy was nice. He kept commenting that I was to young to be having these issues and such. My tests were good. Everything stayed the same except my diffusion rate. It seems to have gone down some more. It could just be cause i feel a little congestion, or it could be that my lungs aren't doing as great as we thought they were...

I had some lunch in the cafeteria and then went to my appointment with Dr. Ivester. I LOVE the hospital cafe. Its got some way yummy food, and a GREAT salad bar. which i took part in. Then i spoke with Ivester. He's not too happy with my diffuse rate going down. He's going to chat with Dr. Dames about it and it looks like i may only be doing 2 more chemo treatments, and then evaluate to see if it is working. I am doing more PFT's in 2 months along with an echo. If my diffuse rate goes down more than he wants to start a different treatment right away. So we shall see. I did a 6 minute walk and he was really happy about that. He said that it's the best walk i've done so far. So that's really good. I feel stronger, and my lungs do feel like they are getting better, but the numbers just aren't there.

As i was getting the appointments set up he was on the phone with Dr. Dames. I LOVE that my two doctors talk to each other about what treatments they want to do and such. At least that's a good thing.

Hope all is going well with you!

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