Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekly Round-Up

Okay, so when I originally started this post it was LAST week... so one, or maybe 2 of the posts here may be 2 weeks old, instead of 1... But *shrugs* that's just how I roll. 


  • My little cousin, who is not so little anymore, has a great blog called The New World Adventure. She wrote the most incredible post about bullying the other day. It is a must read for everyone! definitely beautiful
  • Sweet little Nina wrote a great post over at MAYBEITSMYADD about a messy room.  She's way to smart for her own good this one! The Messy Room
  • Through my other blog, and business, Arizona Sunshine Girls I was nominate for the Liebster Award by Melanie at Van Wynsberg Nest. Right now it's all about baby! She's expecting a boy, and her and her hubs are getting the nursery all ready. Such a cute blog, and so much fun to see what people come up with for baby themes! This is one of my favorite tho!
  • I really don't know how I found her, but another great blogger (Kristen from This Radient Life) made the CUTEST PSA for a friend/fellow blogger's birthday. Why is this my favorite post of the week? Because she posed a few of the PSA's from my childhood... you know Blair Underwood doing the STD thing, and the egg... you know. the egg... this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. So yeah! GO READ! The More You Know...

Hope you have a great week!
Sarah =0)


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet shout-out! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  2. Can't wait to check out the blogs you mentioned! Followed from the Weekly Round Up!!

    Ange from Hairspray and High Heels

    1. Thank you for coming and visiting! I hope you enjoy the blogs that I mentioned!

      Sarah =0)