Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Misc. stuff...

A lot has happened in the last week or so since I've last updated. I know I need to make more updates than I do, but it has been a busy time.

The Chaotic Goddess Swap's 12 Days of Christmas has started! I've had great fun unwrapping a present every day.


I'm going to have to try this again!

I got some good business going thru AzSG's. Our Facebook page is doing great, and I'm really happy about what I'm doing right now.

ME - taken 12/08/12 by Dennis Wheeler
The picture above is a new one that was taken at Erin's wedding. Dennis (her new brother in law, and my brother's brother in law) had all his stuff set up on the stage and was doing portrait's. So, I had one done. I even took off the oxygen so I got a good picture. I'm really happy about how this turned out. It's been a while since I've had one of these done.

I've also been busy with my Christmas projects. I'm on the last one. SOOOOO excited about it. I've also purchased all gifts for my Mom's stocking. She always is so great at doing stockings for my Dad and I every year. Even for us kids when we were younger, and she never got one herself. So, a few years ago I started getting stocking stuffers for her. I'm really happy about the stuff I got this year. I really thought about what I was getting, and started further in advance instead of my usual day before Christmas. I'm sure she will love it all!


  1. love ya, sarah. thanks for letting me.

  2. so happy you are enjoying your gifts I love all mine so far I was going to try to post a pic everyday but my memory card in my phone is full so working on a slide show instead. can't wait to share