Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 AWESOME things that happened this fall...

I'm taking a page from My So-Called Chaos' book and going to tell you the 5 awesome things that happened this fall.

1> I got a logo made for AzSG. I'm still so excited about this. It's all my own and nobody has one like it!

2> I participated in my first two crafter's boutiques. I was able to show off all the stuff I've made, and make some new friends and get a little help on the money front with LOTS of people purchasing different items. It was nerve wracking, tiring, and oh so fun!

3> Kennadee turned 1. I get to see video of this adorable little niece of mine every day. I'm so lucky to have a sister who takes so many pictures and video's of her baby, that I'm able to watch her grow up from 700 miles away. 

4> My Buddy turned 12. I can't believe that my nephew is 12. He is such a little man now, not the little boy that I remember years ago that would say "shoo fly don't bother me!" whenever there was a fly bothering him. 

5> AzSG's Facebook page reached 300 likes! I never thought this would happen. I've had so much support from family, and friends, and strangers. I appreciate every single one of you!