Saturday, February 11, 2012

A test of sorts...

So, maybe if I put a blogger app on my phone and onto my iPad then maybe I'll blog something even if it is a short little thing

un- Chelsea Marie and Thomas are having a baby. Said baby was shy today and decided to not let us know his sex. Noticed how I put his.... I think it's a boy.

2- the kids make me laugh.

Tres- a cousin is getting married. Congrats Lara and josh. New cousins are cool.

Fourth- star trek: tng. I've been watching for a little while and I'm about to finish up with season 3...

Erin- she makes me laugh so hard about the dumbest things.

Dad. Even when he's sick and ornery he makes me smile.

Mom. Puts a smile on her face even in pain.

Think I'm falling asleep here. Talk with y'all soon.

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