Thursday, October 13, 2011

its been a while...

It's nearly the middle of October and I haven't blogged in nearly 2 months. Guess I need to find another list of things to blog about.

Lots of things going on around here.

Erin got a job. She's working at the Macy's Bloomingdale's distribution center. Pretty cool job. She gets to pick things for online orders before someone else boxes them and ships it. She's only worked 2 days and had 1 day orientation, but she's happy she's working. I just think it's a little lonelier during the day now.

I've been having lots of doctors appointments and testing done. My lungs (maybe heart) aren't doing so hot right now, but we're still testing so we don't know what's going on right now. We should find out a little bit more of what is going on next week, and most likely be doing a heart catheter within the next few weeks to get the real pressures in my heart, rather than relying on a echo.

I figured out what to do about Christmas presents this year, and i shouldn't have to buy anything, much. I know that I need fabric stiffener for one of the projects, but that's about it.

The puppy is now 4 months old. We've had her forever! She's beautiful as always. Still having issues with her, but it's mainly cause she's one very stubborn puppy. Never get a German female dog.!

Ian turns 11 tomorrow. Guess I should post about that, tomorrow. I can't believe he's 11 already. He's such a good boy. It makes me cry thinking about how much of a young man he is. I love him very much.

Emalee's baby will be here on the 25th. Now when I say here I mean on this earth. I don't know when I'll see her in person.

I'm not going to Utah for Thanksgiving. Because of the issues I've been having my doctor doesn't think it is a good thing right now for me to be traveling in the cold. Erin and I will be alone in Buckeye for Thanksgiving. I'm fine with it, other than the fact that I would really like to see my grandmother again, and my new baby niece.

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