Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Favorite

Today's Thursday Favorite is QT's Freezoni

Multiple choice question: What is Freezoni?

a. New brand of equipment to resurface hockey rink ice.
b. Rallying cry to save a whale named Zoni.
c. A new pasta available at no cost.
d. A delicious carbonated frozen beverage available only at QuikTrip.

Well, of course the answer is "d". Freezonis come in a variety of flavors, including cola, blue raspberry, white cherry and Puckerberry (sour apple).

If you think mixing fountain drinks at QuikTrip is fun, wait till you try mixing Freezonis. You can build layers of different flavors and colors in your transparent cup. You can even mix outside the species-mix with fountain drinks or add frozen Steamer to get a creamier Freezoni.

Freezonis - a chilling experience. (stolen from the Quick Trip website.)

My personal favorite is the Puckerberry. MMMMMMMM..... sooo good....

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