Saturday, November 21, 2009

A night with the kids...

Last night I got the opportunity to spend the night out in Buckeye. I just don't do that enough.

Jenn and Jeremy were going out on a double date with another couple, some very good friends. So they needed a babysitter. Yesterday, as you know, was my parents wedding anniversary, so no spending the night at Gramee and Grumpy's.

We spent the night watching Doctor Who (their choice I swear), eating carmel popcorn, and discussing the fact that us girls are wimps and can't handle a fan on, while the window is open, in 55 degree weather. We talked about how awesome Captain Jack Harkness is. We talked about how funny the new doctor was (watched end of season 1 and first part of season 2). OH, and Ashley's boyfriend is still David Archuleta.

Like I said. It was a great time. I love spending the night out there. I love spending time with the kids.

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