Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Wednesday

~ Why do I become so invested in soap operas. I mean. General Hospital has got a story line going on right now that I so don't know why I am so involved.. but yeah. Soaps...

~ Do you have the same body temp as the "average" person? My average body temp runs about 97.4... I've had a 98.6 temp for the last couple of weeks. so I've been running a low grade fever. I guess it's time to call my doctor.

~ cheez-it adverts make me laugh.

~ why are some adverts so stupid? I just want to choke the guy on the new bounty one, where the guy is making latte's with his wife and he puts the steam on the cup. yeah. YOU DON'T MAKE THEM THAT WAY!!!

~ Judge shows make me laugh. The People's Court and Judge Judy especially. *grins*

~ I wish it would rain.

~ I LOVE my new knitting board! It is one of the best things EVER invented! I am abel to do knitting projects and not use my left hand when my wrist hurts!... LOVE IT!

~ Sporcle Games is a lot of fun!

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