Friday, September 25, 2009

nearly forgot...

If I didn't have people around to remind me of things I would not remember where I put my head.

It's after 11.00 and I've had a busy day, but it has been a great day.

Mom and Dad headed off to Ft. Mohave around 12.00

The kids and their parents showed up after 2.00

the parents left me with the kids around 3.00 to go to a temple session.

I spend the afternoon and evening and most of the night with 3 cute kids.

Ian and I watched 3 movies together. Sis and Ash watched cartoons and played in the pool (yes, it is still warm enough to play in the pool)

We ate pizza, had ice cream, and just had a great night all around. No fighting, lots of laughing. I love watching my kids. They really make me happy.

Now I just have to remember that as I go to sleep. I hate sleeping alone in this house. or any house for that matter.


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  1. We should have left one there with you for company!!!!