Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

Tonight was Erin's last night at our house. She has to return to Ft. Mohave tomorrow and start school next week. I've had so much fun having her here the last 2 weeks. After spending so much time apart it was so great being with her again. It will be quiet and lonely in the house with just being me and mom during the day, but it will also be nice to have the house be just us again after the last 6 weeks.

It turned into such a great night. The day was pretty quiet, but this evening Jeremy, Jenn and the kids came over and hung out. Lils ate another lizard (or at least made him lose his tail). The kids and Jeremy played in the pool, we had pizza and hot wings and soda, and talked and listened to music all night.
Erin pulled out the boondoggle and jeremy taught her how to do some new designs. Not really bracelets like she's been doing, but something different.
It was like old times again. Just laughing and having fun. They left after 10.30 to take the kids home and get them to bed.
I love it when the kids don't want to leave. Ashley said, "but when we go home that means we have to go to bed." How cute is that?

Tonight is also the last night with my precious Harvey. Tomorrow he goes with Erin to his new home. I've had Harvey for 2 years now. He got me thru lots of testing, a hospital stay, 6 months of chemo, a move, and much, much more. He will be missed muchly. My computer is basically my life. So this is a huge thing for me. I know I'm probably just totally insane and all, but I will really miss my cute little Harvey.

I am getting my new laptop on Monday. I'm truely excited about it. I thought that I already had him named (Lyle), but after playing with Dad's new iTouch i may have to change his name. I'm not for positive on that yet. I'll let you know on Monday after I've played with it.

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