Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Wendnesday

My Random Thoughts...

~ $3.00 cupcakes are pretty... and taste good. But shouldn't cost $3.00.

~ Petco Park is a pretty field. All green and striped and yeah. Really had a nice time at the game with my Dad. Even if the Padres sucked and the cubs hit like 3 home runs.

~ There is a player on the cubs team named Milton Bradley. He's a right fielder... COME ON! please people. Think about the teasing your child will have to go thru in school.

~ If your not feeling sick to your stomach a ride on the San Diego "trolley" will get you there fast.

~ Even Cubs fans don't like their own players... (the fans in right field where we were sitting were raggin' on Milton Bradley)

~Indian food is yum!

Thank you for reading my random thoughts.

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