Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm so happy. After nearly a week of not so patiently waiting Lyle is here.

After opening the box up and holding him in my hands I knew I had chosen the right name for him.

Lyle is a BEAUTIFUL new 13 inch MacBook Pro. He has a 2.53 gig hrtz processor, 4 gb of memory, and a 250 gb hard drive.

I'm very happy. I've got everything I want on it and still have plenty of room for anything else I may want to put on him and not have to worry about not having any space.

Isn't it funny that I worry about hard drive space now when our first computers were like 20 mb.

Lils seems to have a problem with him. She's jealous of my spending so much time on him I guess. Not surprising if she is. LOL.

There are a few new things on this computer that I need to get used to, such as the touch pad. There is not button like on a regular touchpad. The whole touchpad is the button. And you can do different things with it like moving things around with your fingers like you do on an iTouch. It's awsome!

So now my lovely lyle just needs a new case/skin to protect him and he's getting a new computer bag. I've already looked and know what I'm getting. I'll let you know about that later.

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