Saturday, July 4, 2009

License Plates...

My cute little Jetta is now an Arizona Licensed car, and it was so easy, at least on my end.

Dad took it in to get inspected on the way home from work one day. Apparently it was an in and out thing, and wasn't that much of a hassle, which is a good thing cause dad and hassle don't go together.

I took it to the DMV, got into a VERY long line to get a number. The line went fast, I got my number, and then my number got called. Since it is an "out of state" vehicle getting a new license plate I had to get a VIN inspection on it. Well me not reading the signs as I first got there had to leave the nice man at the booth, get into my car, drive around to the side of the building, get a VIN inspection, and then go back in the building, which got even fuller while I was outside for 10 minutes. I was lucky tho. The nice guy in the booth told me to come right back to him after I got the inspection and he would help me out again.

I have no luck with the DMV... they can never seem to find things that belong to me, or say that i sold vehicles, or um... they cant find the MSRP in any of the books, or on the computer, for a car that I have owned for 4 years. After 15 mins of waiting and looking thru book after book we finally found out the info we needed and I had a new license plate on my car. I've been here for nearly 8 months and I officially have a AZ license plate, and an AZ drivers license and Mom and Dad may own a house here soon. Looks like I have a new place of residence.

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  1. I have waited in those lines! I so recognise that room with the lines. UGGG!