Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Aspirations

Okay... So I'm lazy. REALLY lazy... and I don't do much of anything anymore. I've become afraid to do a lot of stuff, or be very active because I'm afraid that i'll get sick again. I don't want to be sick. I like being stable and not having to see doctors every couple of weeks and not having to be tied to an oxygen tank. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. I don't know.

This week for my Sunday Aspiration I am going to make it a goal to walk every day.

A few months ago I asked Dad to bring the treadmill into the house so that I could start using it. At the time I was walking about a mile around the neighborhood. I was doing really well. Lils was even walking with me. Then I just stopped. I can't tell you why I stopped. I just did.

Well now with the weather being so warm when I wake up I need to start walking on the treadmill. So... My goal is to use the treadmill every day for at least 15 min. I'll work my way up and hopefully I'll be back at at least a mile within the next few weeks and i'll be walking more and more.

So yeah... My goal for the week is to start walking.

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