Sunday, April 5, 2009


Mom mentioned earlier something about April 15th. The 15th of April is right in the middle of her birthday on the 7th of April and mine on the 22nd. That date reminded me of something.

This is how I remember it

When I was 7 I went into the hospital to have surgery. It was the first year that Cabbage Patch Kids were popular. While I was in the hospital they were having some kind of contest. I had to draw a picture of what I did in the hospital while I was staying. I drew a picture of me in the hospital bed, cause that's what I did all day there.

A short time later we found out that not many kids entered the contest and I actually got a prize. My Mom and I had to go to the hospital to pick it up. It was nearly Christmas so they had all the gifts wrapped in paper. There were a few of us there. After we opened them up we found out that each doll looked like their adoptive parent. Somehow mine, a cute little blonde girl, got mixed up with a little boy who had cancer, so he had no hair. They tried to trade the dolls, but he just wouldn't give him up, and I didn't mind the doll I got.

I ended up with Alvin Xavier Roberts. His birthday was April 15th. I always thought that was the coolest thing cause his birthday was right between mine and mom's. The next year for Christmas I got another Cabbage Patch Kid named Victoria. Her birthday was in October. The say day as my Grandmother's.

I no longer have my dolls. But I have great memories of the two of them. I always thought I was the coolest kid in the world because of them.

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