Friday, April 3, 2009

Memories of a dog...

This evening I watched a movie. I know, big surprise, I watch lots of movies. But this one was a little different.

I watched Marley & Me. For those who don't know Marley & Me was just released on DVD. Based on the best-selling book by newspaper columnist John Grogan (the "Me" in the title), Marley & Me stars Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and 22 different white Labs who play Marley at different times during his 14-year lifespan.

Marley, as John likes to put it, is the world's worst dog. The film is joyous and forgiving , celebratory and sympathetic. It's adorable when Marley first arrives as a puppy, howling all night and afraid of thunderstorms. Endearing as he grows into a big, lovable oaf that eats everything in sight. Celebratory as the family keeps growing, and heartbreaking as the movie comes to its inevitable end. This is not the film to watch if you don't want to be seen crying (which i ended up doing silently while watching with my dog in my bedroom).

This movie brought up loving memories of Jenn and Jeremy's first dog Annee. Annee was this adorable yellow lab puppy that we rescued one cold rainy night. It's a long story, but we saved her from a very horrible life. At least that is what we all like to believe. Like Marley she was afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises, unlike Marley however she was "The World's Best Dog". I miss our Annee Girl...

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  1. I cried just reading this post. There is no way in hell I'd ever be able to watch that movie.