Thursday, April 16, 2009


This morning the father of a very good friend of mine had a stroke. They don't know the full extent of the damage yet, but he is doing well. He's alive and aware of what's going on around him.

I thought that today's blog would be about the signs of a stroke, and give some reference sites about learning more information about a stroke.

The signs of a stroke are incredibly important to take note of and to respond to as urgently as possible. A stroke happens in the brain, the body’s central location for decision making, for movement, for feelings and of course for keeping everything working properly. When a stroke happens here, the body is likely to be damaged in some way, depending on what type of stroke you are experiencing, the depth of the stroke and how long it takes for help to be administered. This happens very quickly and the level of detriment is determined by many factors. (from signs of a stroke

The Faster you act. The better you are!


Stroke Info
Hope 4 Stroke
National Stroke Association

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  1. Hope your friend's father is doing ok. My mom had a minor stroke many years ago. Early intervention at the first signs of a stroke are so important. Thanks for the post!