Saturday, March 7, 2009


Jeremy brought all the kids out to the house today. He wanted to go on a hike with dad up into the White Tanks, and Jenn is on an overnight trip to California with her mom and sisters. This meant that mom and I were in charge of the 3 kids and the puppy for about 4 hours.

They brought along a xbox 360 with lots of different games to keep them busy. The girls also broughta few barbie movies they wanted me to watch with them. So, in all actuality all we really had to do was watch the puppy.

Now you would think this would be an easy thing. Come now. She's a yellow lab puppy. Only like 14 weeks old. Yeah right. Put her together with a 4 year old dog who's spoilt rotten and it makes for a mess.

First off. Chloe is always wanting to play with Lillee. *laughs* that just makes for a joke. My dog does not want to play with this thing with long legs that just bounces around and has sharp teeth and gives her kisses constantly. secondly... did i mention the sharp teeth... and nails?

I put both the dogs into the back yard for a while. I figured they couldn't get into any trouble out there. After a while I heard lils out there barking. She doesn't usually bark unless she wants in, or there are birds or something in the back yard to chase. I went back there and she wasn't sitting at the door to be let in. So I called the dogs and lils came running. Chloe was missing.

I went into the front yard and she was sitting there by the front door.

So. I told the kids that chloe couldn't go into the back yard without someone there.

After a while Chloe needed to go outside (she had drank all of lils water and ate all her food.) Ashley offered to go out back with her. After a few minutes the blonde little 5 year old came running inside. Chloe had left the yard under the side gate.

Ashley and I went outside, and there was no chloe waiting for us. So we walked down the street and couldn't find her. We went back towards the house, and I sent ash inside to see if the dog had come back. The whole time i'm walking around in my bare feet. I get just past the driveway and i hear someone yell that she came back.

I went and put the garbage cans up against the gate and put a piece of cardboard behind it so that she couldn't get out again if we sent her back there. It was only shortly after 11 and i was pretty sure that this dog was going to need to go outside again.

She ended up getting out 1 more time before I just gave up on it all and made her stay inside. While i fed the kids pizza for lunch she laid down and decided it was nap time. I think this is my favorite time to puppysit. when she's worn out and sleeps.

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