Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chloe Girl...

So I was told that I never did proper props to my first new puppy niece. This is Chloe. The Hoffmans got this cute little thing just before Valentines Day.

The first picture of Her when they first got her. All she did was sleep.

This second picture is of the first time I met her 2 weeks later. She's just adorable. Lils doesn't seem to think so tho.

This last picture of her is this past week in Utah. She finally got to meet her Auntie Em and Uncle Kyle. She's gotten these long legs since i last saw her, and not so much of a puppy look. She is still adorably cute!

So now I have 2 puppy nieces, and both are yellow labs, and just weeks apart in age. Yeah. They are pretty cute.

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  1. They are both so Cute! Maybe you should Post about Annee now..