Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recent Weeks

In recent weeks I've received 2 different blogging awards.

I'm not sure why I deserve them, or even if I deserve them cause there are so many more blogs out there than mine. I don't really know what I should do with them now. But I'm going to post them here and then find somewhere to put them. LOL

The first one I got was from Jenn Johansson. She's an author that I found on my sister's best friend Rachel's blog. She is currently writing her first novel and it's a Sci-Fi that I have fallen in love with and can't wait to read the whole thing. It's funny. My mother doesn't read sci-fi or really enjoy anything sci-fi, but she's read the first part of this book and wants to know what happens next. It's even got her interested. THANKS JENN!

The second one I received was from Gramee or otherwise known as my mother. I love reading her blog. She always has something interesting and funny to say. She's also a huge support in my life. Especially right now. I don't know what I would do without mom and dad helping me out. THANKS MOM!

Now I think that I'm supposed to pass them on to like specific people, however I'm not going to do that. Most of the people I read already have these awards, and if you don't, and you actually read my blog, you deserve them. So take one, or both, and post them on yours.

Thanks for reading and sharing your lives with my own!

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