Tuesday, January 27, 2009

things are looking up

Yesterday I went to my doctor for my now "normal" two month check in. I really love that normal is every 2 months instead of every 2 weeks, or even once a month. LOL. It's GREAT to be on a medication that has stabilised me.

I got refills on all my scripts that needed to be refilled, i got a cortisone shot in my buttox for the arthritis in my left wrist?,  and he also gave me a script for the arthritis so that i should be on the mend there. We set up the next appointment for March and away i went. *happy sigh*

I was thinking during our walk today (that would be me and lils) that just last year I was going thru chemo, I was sick and couldn't move, and just felt plain yucky. How I gained 20 lbs I'll never know.

I was also thinking that just last November i was still on my oxygen and i could barely walk up the stairs in the house in Ogden without feeling like I was going to die.

I was thinking that I had just finished walking nearly a mile (approx 0.97 miles) and I was feeling okay. Not the best, cause yeah. I was tired from the walk... But I didn't feel like I wanted to die. Lils may have. But not me.  

I think that things are finally starting to look up health wise. Sure, i still have my bad days. Sure, I still hurt and am tired more than I would like to be. Sure, I'm getting more headhaches (cause i need new glasses). Sure, my morning walk nearly kicks me on my bottom for a few hours after i'm done every morning. 

But i'm feeling better. I don't feel like I want to spend every day curled up in my bed. 

Things are looking up...


  1. and this makes the voice in your head..

    very teary she loves to see you go walk
    maybe some day i wll go too..lol
    i love not having a oxygen tube strung around the house.. yeah..that.
    i have to make you and the grumpy voice in your head dinner..

  2. oh..duh,..i am signed in as you...lol

  3. obv. I havent seen you in YEARS, so you can ignore my question...but what are you battling? What did you have to go through chemo for? Again, you dont have to answer....just me, being nosy :)