Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Crazy Dog???

Last night lils started digging in her toys to find something she was missing, and didn't seem to be able to find it.

I got her to go to bed, after some prodding, but this morning she was back to digging around in her toys again.

Now this dog, she has a TON of toys. It all started when she was a puppy and started carrying around one of my stuffed animals, that was twice as big as she was. She then ended up stealing most of my animals and making them her own. Since then we have gotten rid of quite a few toys. And she's even got a box full of them in storage.

I think that maybe she's looking for something that is in storage, that she has just realizes is missing now. Hm... or maybe mom's idea that she doesn't want the blankets that are sitting on top of her toys.

Or, maybe she's just gone crazy.


  1. That's quite the cute picture.

  2. My baby is of the K-9 variety too. She's so cute!!